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Welcome and thank you for visiting the online registration for the Devils Lacrosse Club. Registration is easy and takes just a few minutes. We will ask for player information, emergency contacts and a few other items. (Please take note that the first page of registration is for the parent of the player.  This will allow our system to capture important contact information for your child).  To finalize the registration, we require credit card information to complete payment. The entire process is completed over a secure internet connection for your safety, as well as that of the league.

A USLacrosse membership is required for all players.  You'll be prompted during the registration process to enter your current USLacrosse ID or to obtain a new membership.  Please note the membership to USLacrosse is mandated and required for group insurance coverage.



  • Boys and Girls programs have grade restrictions. If you can't register your son or daughter into the grade level team for his school grade, it may be because the system thinks he or she is in a different grade. Send an email to the .
  • If you are getting stuck when the system transfers you to US Lacrosse to renew your membership, try quitting out of the DLC registration process and going directly to US Lacrosse to renew your membership. Once you have completed that renewal, come back to the DLC site and register you child.
  • If you cannot get the system to save or finish from the form page (the one with all the questions). Make sure you have checked the waver check boxes in the scrolling waver sections at the end of the form (see image below). Also, all mandatory information has a red '!' next to the form field. You will not be able to complete the registration without filling in the mandatory information fields. All waivers need for the check boxes - Medical Release, Waiver and Release, Playing Up Policy, Refund Policy and Player Commitment Policy. See examples below:

Please see the "Required Equipment" tab on this website for an overview of materials you'll need.  

General questions can be directed to   

Spring 2020 Work Bond

Devils Lacrosse Club is a 100% volunteer organization, including the coaches and board of directors.  The work bond encourages our families to volunteer and help sustain the Devils Lacrosse program. Your volunteer work hours help to preserve the level of excellence that the Devils Lacrosse Club has achieved over the years.

Here’s how it works: (1) you pay your bond during your spring registration; (2) from now through the end of lacrosse season, work 3 hours for the club. We keep a master list of who volunteers during the year. 

All families are required to volunteer a minimum of three (3) hours in support of the organization.  Your volunteer time can include uniform distribution, picture day, game day field setup and breakdown, coaching, etc. There are numerous opportunities for families to fulfill their work bond obligations.  We are also looking for parents to take active roles on various committees.

Work bond is for grade 3-8 only. If you have only K-2 players the work bond is not required.


Time: 3 hours (per family)


Base Cost: $75.00

Opened: 11/01/2019
Closes: 04/01/2020