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Dodging: Inside Roll

Dodging: Picks
Liam Banks and Mikey Powell demonstrate the pick and roll from behind the crease. The pick and roll is a great way for two attack men to create scoring opportunities and control the defense.
Dodging: Question Mark

Drill: Double Otis
Stick handling drill (Positions: Defense, Midfield)
Drill: Hockey Ground Balls
Ground ball drill. (Positions: Defense)
Drill: Split and Rip
Shooting Drill (Positions: Attack, Midfield, LSM)
Drill: Umbrella Approach
Defensive Approach to Opponent (Positions: Defense, Midfield)
Drill: Wrappers Delight
Shooting and dodging (Positions: Attack)
Faceoff: 1 - Where to begin

Faceoff: 2 - Stance

Faceoff: 3 - Grip, Clamp, Pinch

Faceoff: 4 - Placement

Pick Drill - Attack

Pick Drill - Middies

Shooting: ABCs
View this video before moving on to Rabil.
Shooting: Crow hop - X step for shooting
Technique to help a shooter open their hips and rotate through the shot increasing shot speed.
Shooting: Fakes
How to add types of fakes to your inside shooting.
Shooting: Rabil - Shooting Adjustments
Prerequisite - Watch Shooting ABCs first. Paul Rabil demonstrates his point-of-release shooting drill.
Strategy: 1-3-2 Motion Offense
The mechanics of how a 1-3-2 offense works. What to learn: Offense - how the to move, passes, options for dodges and shots. Defense - recognize the offensive set. Know what the offense wants to do. Know how to smart slide and help.

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